Greta Ambrazaitė

Grand piano

my head is too big for your doors,
my head is just an endless attempt to find my home,
I could give everything up for kitchen warmth,
I don’t need everything, just to throw some things out,
my head is too big for your doors,
my head is on the doormat
and it always ends the same,
my head is a heavy grand piano
which you casually play while passing,
leaving the lid wide open

Translated into English by Rimas Užgiris

About Greta Ambrazaitė

Greta Ambrazaitė (b. 1993) is a Lithuanian poetess, translator and book editor. She obtained a Master's degree in Literary Anthropology and Culture at Vilnius University. Her first poetry book "Fragile Things" (lt. Trapūs daiktai, 2018) was awarded the Young Yotvingian Prize as a best young poet's book and was also announced as the Poetry Book of the Year in Lithuania. Also, she was awarded the Young Artist's Prize by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. Ambrazaitėˈs poems were translated into 10 languages. The poetess has also translated the poetry of Julio Cortázar, Alejandra Pizarnik, Jorge Luis Borges and others from Spanish into Lithuanian.

Profile image: Greta Ambrazaitė