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Light of the Day

Joh Tachibana

Amelica←(Note: “Amelica” is not misspelling)


You try to crush the left hand with the right hand as usual,
Can you see
the shivering forest in the right hand?
You grip my throat
as I approach to grab the left hand which
keeps striking at the air, Amelica.
No matter how much you let it cool,
sadness can never be solidified,
but it runs,
a halfway lead ahead of the second hand.
It’s a shame to reach out the hands,
even so,
you don’t have courage to cut out the hands,
I really like you.
The swing you made
broke from the beginning,
please laugh at me forever
as I’m good at falling off there.
You snatch two of my triangles
and make a rectangle without asking.
I try to touch the cruel thing you did
before I sleep.
I try to remember
when you were transparent.
The crushed map is thrown at your back, right?
A falcon is trimmed,
and it becomes just one circle.
It becomes only one circle.
In the circle like a circle,
you go round and round, thinking about a circle.
I’m tired of swinging, so I stop.
I want to stop, so I swing.
Let’s shiver with a new way of laughing
at the shivering dream of the shivering forest.
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