Joh Tachibana

Hanako, you are so cute(English Translations)

Hanako. You are so cute, Hanako. Really? Why are you so cute? Cute. Really cute. So cute. What could I say, umm…Cute. Tremendously cute. Even if I put Hanako into a blender and make thick Hanako juice, you would be definitely cute. You made me fuckin’ crazy. You are fuckin’ Hanako. Fuckin' cute. If there is a telephone pole and I believe it’s Hanako, it will be cute. What should I say? Die. You should die. Why you can be living? Why don’t you die? I’m serious. You should die, seriously. Please. I want you to die. Seriously. Cute. Hanako. So cute. You should die. Cute. What? You are what? Why you are Hanako? You should quit. You should quit Hanako. Until when will you keep being Hanako? What will you do? You’re so Hanako, what will you do? What are the good points? You’re that much of Hanako, what do you want to do? What do you want to do? You were? You were Hanako when you were born. And you have always been Hanako. What will you do? What will become of you? Hanako. Hanako. Hanako? Hey. Hanako? Are you Hanako? That’s enough. Hanako. You’ve been Hanako enough, right? You must be tired. Leave it to me. I can take your place, Hanako. I can be you, Hanako. It’s OK I’m Hanako, I mean, Hanako is me. Finally, I am Hanako. Awesome, I’m awesome. I am me and Hanako at the same time. Awesome. Totally awesome. Awesome and also cute. Really cute. How cute I am. I am really cute. Extremely cute. How cute I am. I mean Hanako. Hanako, you are so cute, Hanako.

About Joh Tachibana

Joh Tachibana is Japanese Poet.
He is a member of "Fushigi N°5"(a unit of collaborating on poetry).

He has participated in the project "a poem written by 5 poets at once" by Koki Tanaka in Venice Biennale Japan Pavilion (2013).

He was invited to the Festival of Poetry ,Slovenia 2013 , Sweden 2014 ,Belgium 2015・2016,Servia 2019.
↓the movie of the Festival of Poetry and Wine in Ptuj(Slovenia 2013)
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In 2007, Poetry Book "Fukuzatsukossetsu (compound fracture)"was publiehsed.
In 2011, Poetry Book "YES (or YES)" focused on Japanese hiragana was published.
In 2016, He began“NO TEXT”(All improvised reading aloud performance)