Jimena Sofia Ramos Yengle

Absurd fate

Death got bored of waiting for the train to Rome
I no longer laugh at your manias.
Students paint words in the absurd
I don't want to tell you "I love you".
The cops traded donuts for wheat
I no longer call this love.
Your favorite band no longer disguises pop
I make fun of your wishes.
The poets moved to Saturn in search of a better world.

Absurd fate
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About Jimena Sofia Ramos Yengle

Jimena Yengle is a 19-year-old Peruvian writer and artist.She published her first book, a romantic novel called “Roma Enamorada”, which is currently available on Amazon.
Her writings and her artistic pieces are published by different magazines and exhibitions around the world.She is the director of Maniobras Mágicas, a children's space dedicated to promoting artistic creation and expanding the horizons of the imagination.
She is currently pursuing two professional careers: "Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation" and "Psychology." In addition, she is in an Actoral Training school, studying Performing Arts.