Avgi Lilli

Σκυλί / Doggie

Τα χαράματα ένας
χρόνος με πήρε
από πίσω έσερνε
το ξεφτισμένο λουρί του
έβαλα νερό, φαΐ
και του ’δωσα να
μυρίσει την παλάμη μου μα
μήτε έτρωγε μήτε έπινε
μήτε την απαλάμη μου
ζητούσε τρία γράμματα
στ’ αριστερό αυτί του οχτώ νούμερα
χαραγμένα στο πετσί του
Can Love Fail?
γαύγισε Canis Lupus Familiaris αρνήθηκα
ογδόντα εκατομμύρια διακόσιες δώδεκα χιλιάδες φορές λέμε πως
πεθαίνουμε, μα
κάθε μια φορά γεννιόμαστε και ξεψυχούμε
άλλη μία.

Η Σφαγή του Αιώνα
Αθήνα, Θράκα, 2018· β’ έκδοση 2020

At dawn a
time took me
from behind dragging
his frayed leash
I brought water, food
and stretched my palm
for him to sniff but
he wouldn’t eat nor drink
nor my palm
he asked for three letters
on his left ear eight digits
inscribed on the skin
Can Love Fail?
he barked Canis Lupus Familiaris I refused
eighty million two hundred and twelve
thousand times
we say we die, but
each time we are born and breath out
once more.

The Slaughter of the Century
Larisa, Thraca, 2018; 2nd edition 2020
Translated in English by Despina Pyrketti

Σκυλί / Doggie
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About Avgi Lilli

Avgi Lilli (1980) is a Greek-Cypriot writer based in Nicosia, Cyprus. She writes poetry, microfiction and scripts for short film productions. She has also written short theatrical plays.
She has published 3 poetry collections on Greek; Rough notes on a life vest (Nicosia, Armida, 2011), The Slaughter of the Century (Larissa, Thraka, 2018; 2nd edition 2020) and Tail on the edge (Larissa, Thraka, 2021). Some of her poems have been translated in English, Turkish and Spanish.
She is also interested in the multidisciplinary aspects of poetry and its interaction with visual and performance art. She has been one of the participants of the 2019 European Poetry Festival in London. She has also participated in other international literary festivals (4th Sardam: interdisciplinary literature festival, Limassol, 2016; CROWD OMNIBUS literary tour 2016).
She studied Classics and Modern Greek Philology (University of Cyprus) and holds a PhD in Modern Greek Philology (University of Athens, 2017).