Jasmina Topić

Ostrvo, plaža, pivo


I palma u pozadini! Dodatak fotografiji,
pridružena razglednica nekome tamo, u domovini,
koju nikada nećemo poslati.

I tamne fleke po pitomom moru.
I tresetnica lako pada preko oblih kamenčića.
Biće razbacani posle po kutovima sobe,
kao idoli morskih noći, kao zalog tih dana.

Ritual spuštanja na plažu, ritual poniranja
u vodu, oživljavanje one boje
koja je život u punom sjaju.

Sa obaveznim kartama, bez keca u rukavu,
i zveckavim novčićima, svetlucavim sunašcima
za koja se može dobiti popodnevno pivo.
Zagarantovana fatamorgana.

Na fotografiji videće se jasno,
i koju marku piva pijemo, mokre kose...
A u pozadini palma!

Jesmo li svi, koji ovde boravimo,
privid nas samih, ili ostvareni snovi tela
u odblesku na vodi?!

Obavezno je nekoliko SMS poruka
prijateljima i inima. To. Da smo na plaži.
Da pijemo pivo. I, uopšte, nije loše.
živimo mali poetični privid. Plavu čistinu.

I ova pesma je kao i fotografija.
Uvlaenje u triko uplaćenih deset
all inclusive tretmana.

I da, na plaži merkamo, kako da zaboravim,
bludnog, divnog sina: Kavafija. Eto
je i poezija.


and a palm! An additional note to the photograph
on a group postcard for those back home
in the homeland, a postcard we’ll never mail

And those dark spots on the calm sea.
Heat easily falls over the rounded stones.
They will be scattered afterward all over the room’s corners
as icons of sea nights, as souvenirs from those days.

The ritual of our descent to the beach, of diving grandly
into the water, of reviving that color of life in full splendor.

with the obligatory cards games, with no ace up your sleeve,
and the clink-clank of the coins, those small, shiny suns
with which one can buy an afternoon beer.
A guaranteed mirage.
In this photograph, you can clearly see,
even the label on the beer we are drinking, wet-haired…
And in the background, a palm!

Are we all, we, here on vacation, all
a mere illusion of ourselves, or a dream realized in our bones
by our reflection in the water?

Must we send a few text messages
to friends and family; tell them how we’re at the beach?
How we are drinking beer. And, how it’s not bad, overall.
we are living a small poetic illusion. Under a clear blue sky.

And this poem is like a photograph:
of me squeezing into my leotard
after ten, all-inclusive treatments.

And yes, on the beach we eyed, how could I forget
that promiscuous, marvelous son: Cavafy! Now,
that’s poetry.

NOTE: Soundcloud contains reading the same poem in Spanish

About Jasmina Topić

Jasmina Topić is a Serbian authoress mainly focused on writing poetry, but she is also established as an occasional short prose and essay writer; literary reviewer; editor/editor in chief of two significant projects. She started a contemporary poetry edition called "Najbolja" ("The Best") in 2012 and is in-charged in (co)editing as well as book design. She cooperates with the Youth Center in Pančevo as editor-in-chief of the publication "Rukopisi" ("Manuscripts") since 1998 - a collection of young poets and short-prose writers from former Yugoslavia, published annually. Jasmina Topić has seven sole-authored poetry books and several stories printed in journals and specialized thematic books (listed below). Furthermore, she has been continually publishing articles, columns and essays for journals (paper and online) throughout the ex-YU region. Her poetry is often presented in a multimedia context and she managed to present it through video-works in a DVD called "The quiet renewal of the summer" (2008) and also with audio CD "Languages of Poetry", in several languages - prepared for the final exhibition of the AIR program in Graz, Austria (2014) (available on Soundcloud).
Jasmina Topić had the opportunity to be called on a few Artist in residence programs: the "Milo Dor" stipend from KulturKontakt (Vienna, Austria, 2008), Kamov residency (Rijeka, Croatia, 2012), "Tirana in between" (Traduki program, Tirana, Albania, 2013), RONDO residency (Graz, Austria, 2014) and Create in residence (Baltic centre for writers and translators, Visby, Sweden, 2014). At the end of 2019. she was a resident in Krems, Austria, as a part of the writer's exchange project between Austria and Serbia.

Profile image: Jasmina Topić