Astrid Alben

I Won't If You Don't

I Won’t if You Don’t

At minus three minutes to my first breath when love was
the B&W noise of my mother’s womb Poet died peacefully in

my sleep at fifty-two in a room on Elm’s Avenue. At eighty-three
Poet died cradling my balls in a tepid bath on a morning that

lasted a hundred years. At twenty Poet died with the precision
of the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division like an arsonist

stoking his chronic ashes Poet charred & died clearing through
boxes in the loft I found a note ‘Don’t die. I won’t if you don’t.’

I Won't If You Don't
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About Astrid Alben

Astrid Alben is a poet, editor and translator. Alben’s most recent collection, Plainspeak, was published by Prototype Publishing (2019). Her next, Little Dead Rabbit is due out in 2022.